The Beach

La Capannina beach in Chiaiolella

The Capannina beach is the most known bathing establishment of the seafront Cristoforo Colombo.
It’s situated on the beach of Ciracciello that, with that one of Ciraccio it is the longest shore of the Island of Procida.

The Faraglioni create a natural border between the two beaches, that goes from the hill of Santa Margherita till Punta Serra. The dark sand is the characteristic of the island and witness the volcanic origin like the rock that is it yellow tiff on this part of the island.

To make the scenery even more evocative is the Island of Vivara, natural reserve, connected to the island with a bridge and beyond it’s visible the island of Ischia.

Those characteristic make the beach the most beloved of the island for the positioning on the ovest that allow to enjoy beautiful sunsets.