The “La Capannina Rooms” is situated on seafront Cristoforo Colombo that run beside the beach of Ciracciello divided in two by the two protruding ridges known as ìFaraglioni di Procida. Natural backdrop of the seafront are the most far island of Ischia and the near Vivara and Punta Serra. The seafront end with the picturesque marina of Marina Chiaolella included between two promontory overlooking the sea. Marina Chiaolella in summer become the place for a holiday par excellence with services and entertaining for all ages. From the seafront itself is possible to reach the road that bring you to the evocative bridge that connect Procida with the little island of Vivara.


How to reach Procida
Procida is easily reachable by maritime connections with the land (Napoli, Pozzuoli, Monte di Procida) and with Ischia and Casamicciola.
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How to reach La Capannina Rooms from the Port of Marina Grande
You may reach the Capannina rooms by taxi or by bus (Line L1) and it takes just 10 minutes.
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